Commuter Myths

Coming in June 2017


The Commuter Myths is a book of short stories and imaginary folklore. Commuters have been travelling on the line between London and Brighton since it was founded in 1841. Strange stories pass among these travellers, and it is said that this narrow strip of track is one of the most haunted pieces of land in the world.

James Burt has collected the myths and legends of the commuters and presents some of them in this book. Learn the secrets of Tubomancy and the dangers of becoming lost on the line. Discover the traditions and superstitions that the commuters follow.

James has spoken about topics including Sussex Death Folklore and the history of Sussex hauntings. While researching folklore is fun, it’s even more exciting to invent your own. The Commuter Myths comes out in June 2017, but you can pre-order it now for £4.99 (+£1 postage and packing). There will also be an ebook version too, as well as a couple of special edition packages.


Lovecraft in Brighton

Over the past few months I’ve been writing stories about a man who is haunted by HP Lovecraft. As the thing grew, I gave copies to a few people, scrappy pieces printed out on A4 paper and folded up. Nothing more than simple scraps of paper, printed out on my inkjet:

IMG_20141209_205321 (copy)

Horror should be intimate. When screening footage of natural disasters, news channels look for little details, personalising the catastophe. No matter how big the horror, people only experience these disasters personally; and Lovecraft wrote about the cosmic horrors through their effect on a single narrator. These stories are particularly intimate. Some of them are not appropriate for wider distribution, because they’re libellous, betray confidences, or are simply things I’d be uncomfortable distributing widely.

I’m now publishing some of these stories. The first version of Lovecraft in Brighton contains about a dozen stories (the exact number depending on which ones I put in). If you want to read it, then I’ll charge £2.50. For every copy sold, the price will go up by 10p – but I’ll add in an extra story, until I’ve added 50 stories. Once I’ve reached that mark, everyone will get a PDF or ebook copy of the final text.

(Well, most of the final text. There are some stories that won’t ever be published in an easily-distributed electronic form).

Just press the button below to buy a copy – it’s currently up to £3.10 + 50p postage. Allow up to a month for delivery.

  • “Your Lovecraft stories are wonderful – the tiny movements between sad realism and occult Brighton are beautifully blurred” – Naomi Foyle author of Rook Song and Seoul Survivors
  • “…one of the best things I’ve ever read by you, so sad, so real, so honest and bizarre” – Louise Halvardsson author of Swenglish and Punkindustriell hårdrockare med attityd